Balance is a key word for wine and to me is the one that represents the most ‘Cervaro della Sala’ 2016 from Castello della Sala-Cantina Antinori.
A balance in aromas, between citrus, floral and  mineral flavours,  in taste, between the great acidity, big body and the elegant texture.
But this is just what all of us experience by opening this iconic bottle.
By visiting the vineyard and the cellars I realised how ‘balance’ is strictly connected with mistakes, experiences, passion and interactions when it comes to this wine masterpiece.
Like all great stories also Cervaro’s one started with a failure.
The first vinification in 1982 was a great disappointment for Renzo Cotarella.
Motivation and passion turned these mistakes into experience, solutions and improvement.In any given vintage, the soil, climate,  harvest, vinification were studied and corrected.
Cotarella was one of the first winemakers to do malolactic fermentation and aging in barriques.

Cantina Antinori looks  today not just like a winery, it is museum, it is a perfect machine, it is the place where humans take advantage of nature by perfectly monitoring and treating  her.
Discovering the secrets behind this awarded wine is an absolute delight experience for all wine lovers!!!